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About us
 is a free global online business marketing solution provider for small, medium and large companies.

With the smartphone and social media revolution, the internet is becoming available even in very remote areas of the world. Most of your potential customers are online, and you should too. However, while the internet has become a huge marketplace, small companies can't tap into it, as many cannot afford building an online presence.

We offer six free solutions to help your business benefit to the maximum from the online marketplace:
  1. gtxBuySellTM
    A free online marketplace, where registered third-party individuals & companies can sell their products or services to consumers. If the transactions are processed through our platform, they’re secured with a 256 bit encryption. However, businesses can opt to link directly to their own e-commerce website to process transactions.

    Also, gtxBuySellTM provides comparison shopping where customers can compare prices in advance of actually shopping in order to achieve the best deals and pricing on merchandise and services.

  2. gtxForexTM
    The cross-border sales opportunities that we offer come with real-time local currency prices automatically converted in US dollars. The converted price is shown underneath the local currency. It may not be accurate, but it gives an approximate value of products on the international market.

    Our customers can also use our international currency converter to check foreign exchange rates between all currencies in the world.

  3. gtxMessengerTM
    A free real-time secure internal instant messaging including voice and video calling, that helps registered users save money while they successfully drive sales, build traffic, find leads, build community, and create a positive, well known brand.

  4. gtxBizForumTM
    A free and yet effective way for small businesses to drive traffic to their site, build a reputation, attract more customers by simply sharing quality content and ideas.

  5. gtxVidShareTM
    A free video content sharing. This is a powerful marketing tool for your business, a way to present your products in a conversational form. You'll build more trust and confidence by uploading entertaining, educational videos that inform your customers about your company and help them remember your brand name.

    Humans are visual creatures. Almost 90% of consumers watch videos on their smartphones. Therefore, videos are a great way to engage your prospective customers.

  6. gtxBizReviewTM
    Online reviews that are your business’ references for buyers across the globe, written by our registered users to help buyers when making purchasing decisions. When available, your business profile will show its reviews on Google, which are one of the most important engaging factors for customers because of their quality.

    Reviews are personal recommendations. The opinions expressed by review authors are totally personal. However, users can vote them up or down depending on whether their review was helpful or not, thus telling other customers whether these reviews should be trusted or not.

    As many as 88% of consumers trust online reviews and many would prefer spending around 30% more on a company or product that has excellent reviews.

Provide businesses and consumers a free global online marketing and shopping platform where they can connect and engage each other through a safe interactive interface, messaging and idea sharing.


Reach 1 billion global users within the next 10 years.


Achieve the best ability of product information that provides the highest mutual benefit for both the business and its customers.


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