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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Accuses Congress Members Of Blindly Funnelling Money To ICE So It Could Set Up 'Fake Universities To Trap Students'

<b>Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Accuses Congress Members Of Blindly Funnelling Money To ICE So It Could Set Up 'Fake Universities To Trap Students'</b>As the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency faced fresh scrutiny on Wednesday over a sting that saw hundreds of foreign students arrested after being lured to apply for a fake university, New York Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez struck out at lawmakers for continuing to fund the embattled agency.
The ICE has become a massive human trafficking organization. This is a pretty serious fraud scheme involving government agencies. Creating legit looking fake universities to lure foreign students, giving them visas, stealing their money and then deporting them when it’s too late for them to do anything about it. The Principles of Trump University now apply to the US immigration policy. A new low for the United States of America. On Wednesday, The Detroit Free Press reported that 90 students had been arrested in ICE's controversial immigration bust, bringing the total number of detainees to as many as 250 foreign students. The majority are believed to have come from India. The revelation comes months after the outlet first reported in January that hundreds of foreign students had been arrested after enrolling at the "University of Farmington," a made-up Michigan college created by the Department of Homeland Security. Eight people were arrested and indicted in an immigration fraud case for conspiracy to commit visa fraud and harbouring aliens for profit, said the U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Michigan Matthew Schneider. Six of them were arrested in metro Detroit, one in Florida and another in Virginia. The students enrolled at the fake university with the intent to obtain jobs under a student visa program called CPT (Curricular Practical Training) that allows students to work in the U.S., said prosecutors.   An indictment says the defendants helped at least 600 "foreign citizens to illegally remain, re-enter and work in the United States and actively recruited them to enroll in a fraudulent school as part of a 'pay to stay' scheme." The students enrolled to obtain jobs under a student visa program called Curricular Practical Training, according to the paper. An indictment unsealed Wednesday said the defendants helped 600 undocumented immigrants to enroll in the fake university in exchange for cash, kickbacks and tuition credits. "Their true intent could not be clearer," Assistant U.S. Attorney Brandon Helms wrote in a memo, per the publication. "While 'enrolled' at the university, 100 percent of the foreign citizen students never spent a single second in a classroom." "If it were truly about obtaining an education, the university would not have been able to attract anyone, because it had no teachers, classes or educational services," he added. The ICE alleges the students who enrolled "knew that they would not attend any actual classes, earn credits or make academic progress toward an actual degree," read an indictment. "Each student knew that the University's program was not approved by the United States Department of Homeland Security (DHS), was illegal, and that discretion should be used when discussing the program with others." An official with ICE said the students involved in this case had come to the U.S. legally to study at universities, but then transferred to the University of Farmington after they arrived in order to work. "Beginning in 2015, the university was part of a federal law enforcement undercover operation designed to identify recruiters and entities engaged in immigration fraud," said a federal indictment. "The University was not staffed with instructors/educators, it had no curriculum, no actual classes." The ICE set up a fake university, presented foreign students the opportunity to attend this college they conjured up, told them they have no need to attend classes, that they will be authorized to work all the while & then arrested them for enrolling after collecting tuition from them. Among those charged in the indictments were: * Barath Kakireddy, 29, of Lake Mary, Florida * Suresh Kandala, 31, of Culpeper, Virginia * Phanideep Karnati, 35, of Louisville, Kentucky * Prem Rampeesa, 26, of Charlotte, North Carolina * Santosh Sama, 28, of Fremont, California * Avinash Thakkallapally, 28, of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania * Aswanth Nune, 26, of Atlanta * Naveen Prathipati, 26, of Dallas


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