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Rwanda's opposition rattled by killings and disappearances of members

<b>Rwanda's opposition rattled by killings and disappearances of members </b>Opposition leaders in Rwanda are concerned for their safety following another murder of a prominent member of the unregistered opposition FDU-Inkingi (United Democratic Forces). Rwanda's government denies any wrongdoing.
"The political space in Rwanda is closed," Ingabire told DW in an interview. "I was in prison and spent eight years and when I was released and I thought the government of Rwanda was ready to open up the political space, but one month later, our vice president disappeared, four months later my assistant was killed, in July our representative in eastern province disappeared yesterday our national coordinator was murdered."


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Tim Hortons 2019-09-29 at 17:37

Patrick Karegeya—Kagame’s former spy chief and friend who became one of his fiercest critics—was found dead in a South African hotel room

Rwanda: The Darling Tyrant

Paul Kagame presides over a virtual police state, but the United States props him up anyway.
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