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The world economy is being mismanaged. World leaders have grossly mismanaged the global economy, Steven Rattner writes in a New York Times column, arguing heads of state from President Trump to Xi Jinping have squandered the real momentum that carried over from the world’s long, post-crash recovery. Trump’s trade war and Brexit may top the list of bad policies, but China’s protectionism and India’s ethno-nationalism haven't helped, either.
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Tim Hortons 2019-08-19 at 14:35

Chances that the US will fall into recession have increased sharply in the last two weeks. 1. Longer-term interest rates have plunged since the end of July. 2. Corporate investment spending is softening, despite the big tax cut. 3. The economies in China and many of its Asian neighbors are getting weaker, partly as a result of the trade war with the United States. 4. The European economy, which has muddled along for years with low growth, may be tumbling into a recession, and if Britain crashes out of the European Union with no exit deal on Oct. 31

How the Recession of 2020 Could Happen

The freeze-up in business confidence, caused in part by the trade war, could wind up affecting consumer confidence.
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Tim Hortons 2019-08-19 at 02:11

Written by Steven Rattner, who served as counselor to the Treasury secretary in the Obama administration.

Opinion: How World Leaders Ruined the Global Economy

They took the best growth picture in a decade and put us in danger of recession.
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