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As Dems zero in on White House, Trump racks up court losses

<b>As Dems zero in on White House, Trump racks up court losses</b>WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump knows he has fierce Democratic adversaries in Congress. But there is also ample push-back from the Judiciary branch, where black-robed judges who sit in...
Federal judges in the last two months have accused Trump administration lawyers of regarding the president as a king and repudiated Trump's view of executive power. "We're not accustomed to seeing presidents suffer as many defeats in the courts as this president," said William Howell, a University of Chicago law professor. Some of the most stinging losses have come from Democratic-appointed judges, and all could be overturned on appeal — well after the impeachment inquiry has ended, or after congressional Democrats have lost their appetite for the desired testimony or records. The Supreme Court, for instance, has already put on hold a lower court ruling directing Trump to produce his financial records in a case that falls outside the impeachment inquiry. And another test that awaits — a former White House official's challenge of a congressional subpoena — may yet be decided in the administration's favor by a judge nominated by Republican George W. Bush.


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