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US takes step to require asylum-seekers' DNA

<b>US takes step to require asylum-seekers' DNA</b>The Trump administration is planning to collect DNA samples from asylum-seekers and other migrants detained by immigration officials and will add the information to a massive FBI database used by law enforcement hunting for criminals.
The new policy would allow the government to amass a trove of biometric data on hundreds of thousands of migrants, raising major privacy concerns and questions about whether such data should be compelled even when a person is not suspected of a crime other than crossing the border illegally. Civil rights groups already have expressed concerns that data could be misused, and the new policy is likely to lead to legal action. The rule does not apply to legal permanent residents, or anyone entering the U.S. legally. Children under 14 are exempt. It's not clear yet whether asylum-seekers who come through official crossings will be exempt.


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