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Derek Chauvin drew scrutiny long before the murder of George Floyd.

<b>Derek Chauvin drew scrutiny long before the murder of George Floyd.</b>Lucy Gerorld, a retired police commander who knew him, says that "he seemed a little cocky" and "was not the guy everybody liked or wanted to work with".
During his 19 years of service at the Minneapolis police department, he had a few friends and had a reputation of being rigid and overreacting. Colleagues described him as someone who did his job as if "he was playing a role", as some sort of Dirty Harry "looking out for the bad guys". He made his colleagues uncomfortable. One of of them portrayed him as lacking "communication skills". Derek Chauvin earned two letters of reprimand for his reputation and was the subject of 22 complaints that led to internal investigations. He had served in the military in Germany before becoming a police officer. Even off duty, he still wore his uniform and walked ramrod straight with his pants pulled higher than most people wear them and his boots well polished. There is an ongoing review of records involving Derek Chauvin. If It's found that he engaged in misconduct, his law enforcement license may be revoked and suspended. His wife of 10 years, Kellie Xiong Chauvin, filed for divorce after the murder of George Floyd and asked to change her last name.


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Tom MacPherson 2020-09-24 at 07:51

Although George Floyd had a turbulent life and spent years in jail for various crimes, he was also a good man who participated in community services and did some charitable work. After Floyd's release from prison in 2013 on parole, he became more involved with Resurrection Houston, a Christian church and ministry, where he mentored young men. He helped his mother recuperate after a stroke. He delivered meals and assisted on other projects with Angel By Nature Foundation, a charity founded by rapper Trae tha Truth. Later he became involved with a ministry that brought men from the Third Ward to Minnesota in a church-work program with drug rehabilitation and job placement services. In 2014, Floyd moved to Minneapolis to help rebuild his life and find work. He was a truck driver and a bouncer, and lived in St. Louis Park.  In 2017, he filmed an anti-gun violence video. From 2017 to 2018, he was a security guard for a Salvation Army facility.  In 2019, George Floyd worked security at the El Nuevo Rodeo club, where police officer Derek Chauvin also worked off-duty as a security guard. In 2020, Floyd lost his security job at a bar and restaurant affected by the COVID-19 pandemic rules, and in April of that year contracted COVID-19 himself, but recovered a few weeks later.

George Floyd

Like many of of us, he had his failures, but he did his little part to make his community a better place to live by caring for the most vulnerable.
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