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Supreme Court halts order on giving Trump tax returns to Congress

<b>Supreme Court halts order on giving Trump tax returns to Congress</b>The Supreme Court on Monday temporarily blocked a ruling that required accounting firm Mazars to turn President Donald Trump's tax returns over to Congress.
The president has gone to great lengths to keep his tax returns secret as two efforts to procure them work their way through the legal system. Trump broke with decades of precedent when he did not release the records while running for president in 2016. Trump's financial documents won't be released Wednesday, after the Supreme Court on Monday put on hold a lower court opinion that allowed a House subpoena to go forward. The court did not set a timeline when it will rule or release the documents, but has asked for the House to respond on Thursday to Trump's request to block the subpoena. The case marks a turning point in Trump's legal wrangling over an issue that has dogged him from the beginning of his presidency. Two cases concerning his financial documents are currently before the Supreme Court and all eyes are on the justices -- particularly Trump's two nominees to see whether they will see the issues presented differently than the majority of the lower courts that have delivered resounding losses to the President.


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