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Ethiopia has an innovative power plant that turns waste to energy

<b>Ethiopia has an innovative power plant that turns waste to energy</b>This innovative power plant in Ethiopia burns waste to produce enough energy for up to a quarter of homes in the capital city, Addis Ababa.
Ethiopia has Africa's first waste-to-energy plant. It's a great initiative that consists of burning garbage to generate electricity. Until the plant opened in 2018, all rubbish in Addis Ababa went to one giant dump that had the size of 36 football pitches that killed 114 people in a landslide in 2017. The garbage contaminated nearby rivers and land, polluting the air and making toxic. The new plant has transformed the health of the city and its people. It burns 80% of the city's waste, generates 30% of the city's electricity and has created hundreds of jobs.


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