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Trump impeachment: GOP-led Senate rejects amendments, approves rules of trial

<b>Trump impeachment: GOP-led Senate rejects amendments, approves rules of trial</b>In a marathon session, the GOP-led Senate rejected all 11 Democratic-proposed amendments en route to approving the rules for the impeachment trial of President Trump.
A 2018 recording in which President Trump was said to order the dismissal of a U.S. ambassador was turned over to congressional Democrats. The recording emerged as Democrats are pressing the Senate to call more witnesses and seek additional evidence for the trial, saying there is more to be learned about the pressure campaign against Ukraine. Republicans are blocking witnesses and documents to conceal the truth, while Chief Justice sits there quietly, passive. The GOP's contempt for the nation and institutions, including the Senate they serve in, is truly shocking. So much for that small handful of republican senators that were thought to have an ounce of patriotism in them! But worse, it pains to see Chief Justice Roberts preside over this sham, but Senate majority leader Moscow Mitch call the shots. His role is just ceremonial. But... Should he or must he preside over decisions he sees as contra-Constitutional? That would put the Constitution at risk? Is there a moment his oath demands he speak up and take action? If Chief Justice Roberts chooses to defend the Constitution, he will "rule" the "Court" with words that undeniable and are unassailable, leaving no choice but to follow the guidance and values of the framers.


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