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Trump Should Pressure Cameroon by Canceling Military Aid and IMF Loans

<b>Trump Should Pressure Cameroon by Canceling Military Aid and IMF Loans</b>Symbolic half-measures like revoking preferential trade status are not enough to force the repressive regime of Paul Biya to change. Canceling IMF loans and military aid would show that the White House is serious.
It's about time the international community isolates de despotic and corrupt regime of Paul Biya. In 1982, Biya was the appointed successor to Ahmadou Ahidjo, who had ruled Cameroon for 22 years prior. After ruling the country under a one-party system in the 1980s, he accepted the introduction of multiparty politics in the early 1990s under international pressure. Biya has since won several elections -1992, 1997, 2004, 2011 and 2018 - all of which have been disputed amid allegations of fraud. A reform vote in 2008 removed term limits. He changed the consitution, run in 2011 and won again, with a stalinian score. One of the world's most experienced autocrats, Paul Biya clinched another seven-year term in 2018 by bending the rules of the game in his direction in ways both old and new. He has ruled Cameroon with an iron hand for 37 years. At 86, Biya's grip on political power is firm, and any electoral attempts to unseat him has failed. The African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA) is a United States Trade Act, enacted on 18 May 2000 as Public Law 106 of the 200th Congress. AGOA has since been renewed to 2025. Before stripping Cameroon of her AGOA privileges, the US had earlier sanctioned Cameroon by reducing about FCFA 10 billion in military aid to Cameroon, and suspending some military related schemes between the US and Cameroon, due to persistent human rights violation by Cameroon's security forces. The 2018 Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI) released by Transparency International reveals that the continued failure of most countries like Cameroon, to significantly control corruption, is contributing to a crisis of democracy around the world. According to the TI Corruption Perception Index, Cameroon is among the most corrupt countries in West and Central Africa surpassing Ghana and Nigeria, all put together. His corrupt regime is supported by France, which supplies it with weapons and trains its repressive forces. France is the leading foreign investor in the country with one hundred and five French subsidiaries located in all key sectors (oil, timber, construction, mobile telephony, transport, banking, insurance, etc.).


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