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Ramarni Wilfred tops Bill Gates and Einstein with his IQ

<b>Ramarni Wilfred tops Bill Gates and Einstein with his IQ</b>Ramarni has an IQ of 162, which outflanks both Bill Gates and the estimated level of Einstein.
What an inspiration! Watch the video. At age 11, Ramarni Wilfred was one of the smartest kids in his class. It was in 2014, 6 years ago. Now he's 17.  Black Doctor reports that this young man years ago took an IQ test that consisted of analytical thinking, mathematics as well as spatial recognition and scored higher than Bill Gates and Albert Einstein. Wilfred scored 162 and put him in the top 1% in the UK. BBC London met the east London schoolboy to find out what it takes to become possibly the smartest boy in London. The signs that Ramarni was born to be extraordinary started showing before he was two years old. By 18 months, he was already having conversations with his mother about news headlines. He was always interested in books, especially the encyclopedia. By the time he turned three, Ramarni was almost reading and writing perfectly. As a result, Ramarni was enrolled in a gifted and talented program, at St. Anthony's Primary school in Upton Avenue, Forest Gate London by the age of ten. The extraordinary kid would write an essay which got him a 2:1 and a mock Oxford graduation. It was an usual feat for someone his age and enough to earn him an invitation to take an IQ test at Birbeck University. Ramarni scored 162; a record higher than that of the German-born theoretical physicist, Albert Einstein, who had an IQ record of I60.


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