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Canada: Andrew Scheer steps down as Conservative leader

<b>Canada: Andrew Scheer steps down as Conservative leader </b>Scheer announced his decision publicly in the House of Commons and pleaded with his party to stay united
One of the "interesting facts" he revealed about himself to seem more relatable to the voters was...that he used to sell insurance. Then got promptly slapped by the insurance broker legislators for falsely claiming to be a broker--which is a regulated and protected term in Canada. It turned out that he only worked in an insurance office doing menial clerical work for 6 months and never passed the licentiate exam. The resignation was prompted by the revelation that Scheer was using money from the Conservative Party to pay for his children's private school tuition, which was first reported Thursday morning by Global News. The decision comes less than two months after a disappointing election result and after weeks of Conservative infighting about whether he should have a future as the head of the party. The Conservative Party pushed back on the allegations shortly after Scheer spoke in the House of Commons, saying it was "normal practice" for parties to cover costs associated with relocating the national leader to Ottawa. Senior Conservatives say the expenditures were made without the knowledge or approval of the Conservative fund board, including the chair of the board. There are also calls for the party's executive director, Dustin van Vugt, to resign over the decision to pay the schooling expenses. According to multiple sources, only a tight circle of insiders knew that the party was reimbursing Scheer for the cost of his children’s private schooling and that news erupted over the last several days inside the party. Several prominent Conservatives have called outright for his resignation, or for him to re-apply for his job in a new leadership contest. Having not won power in October, he faced a mandatory leadership review in April. "This was the most difficult decision I have ever had to make. I have announced my intention to step down as the Leader of the Conservative Party of Canada once a new Leader is elected. I am putting my party first and my family first.", he tearfully said. "We are politicians, we are in this House not in spite of having kids but because we have kids and are dedicated to building a better world for them with everything we have. And I respect that deeply in him," Trudeau said.


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