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Message to Antonio Guterres: Imminence of a new massacre of Rwandan refugees in the Democratic Republic of Congo Message à Antonio Guterres: Imminence d'un nouveau massacre de réfugiés Rwandais en République Démocratique du Congo
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Cathy Vikulchik 2019-10-22 at 02:25

Report by the United Nations high commissioner for human rights into war crimes and human-rights abuses during Congo's wars from 1996 to 2003

Accusations against Rwanda - Congo and Rwanda

The UN report into the Congo war from 1996-2003 was leaked early and its early draft blamed Rwanda for what it called "Genocide" against the Hutu refugees and local Congolese Hutu
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Cathy Vikulchik 2019-10-22 at 02:25

Ongoing massacres to date.

Massacres of Hutus during the First Congo War - Wikipedia

Children alongside the adults were killed indiscriminately, sometimes in particularly cruel ways, with blows from hatchets or with their head smashed against a wall or tree trunk. Others were reported burned alive in their homes, along with their families. Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights's DRC Mapping Exercise Report listed incidents of women who were raped before being killed, e.g. in the course of the refugee massacres at Hombo in December 1996. Women were also tortured and subjected to mutilation, particularly sexual, during these massacres.
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Cathy Vikulchik 2019-10-22 at 02:19

A minority at risk.

Chronology for Hutus in the Dem. Rep. of the Congo

Jul 8, 1997 Reports have surfaced that in the first weeks of the rebellion begun in October 1996, more than 9000 people, mostly civilians, were killed. There were systematic killings of Hutu refugees in Mbandaka, Kisingani, Goma, and Bukavu. A Senior Tutsi official in Congo's Interior Ministry said that Rwandan and Congolese Tutsi troops were given a free hand to go after Hutu refugees so long as they also contributed to the overthrow of Mobutu. Rebel officers who opposed this policy were reportedly killed. Jul 12, 1997 A United Nations report into the massacres of Rwandan refugees in Congo during the rebellion stated they were so massive and systematic that they can be considered crimes against humanity and possibly genocide. Investigators, who have been hampered in their investigation efforts by Kabila's government, said they received reports on 134 alleged massacres committed by Kabila's ADFL and Banyamulenge militias.
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Cathy Vikulchik 2019-10-22 at 02:17

A silent holocaust

DRC Congo's silent holocaust as the world benefits from its strategic minerals

As the United States and the United Kingdom provide financial and military aid to Rwanda and Uganda, these neighboring countries are plundering Congo's natural resources as the death toll rises.
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