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America's allies despise Trump and that's a threat to NATO

<b>America's allies despise Trump and that's a threat to NATO </b>Trump's unpopularity is undermining the Western alliance.
The leaders of our NATO allies aren't alone in seeing Trump as a dangerous joke — their citizens do, too. And Trump's deepening unpopularity in the other countries of the West is becoming as much of a threat to NATO as Trump himself. It's becoming increasingly difficult for the leaders of Germany, or Britain, or Canada, or France to sell pro-American positions to their own voters. Just witness Boris Johnson's carefully choreographed dance to avoid Trump's company during the NATO summit, knowing that any all-too-obvious association with the U.S. president could doom the prime minister's chances in the approaching British election. For the leaders of our allies, proximity to Trump is electoral poison. Since Trump took office, global support for U.S. leadership has plummeted. According to Pew Research in a late 2018 study, there has been a collapse in global confidence that the U.S. president will "do the right thing in world affairs." From President Barack Obama to Trump, such confidence has fallen 76 percentage points in Germany, 75 percentage points in France, 58 percentage pointsin Canada, 52 percentage points in Australia, 51 percentage points in the United Kingdom and 48 percentage points in Japan. In Russia, by contrast, confidence in the U.S. president has increased by 8 percentage points.


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Cathy Vikulchik 2019-12-07 at 14:12

The French leader said NATO was experiencing a "brain death."  Macron was touching on the ways in which Trump has undermined NATO, including by paving the way for another NATO member (Turkey) to invade Syria in October. With the US a less reliable security partner under Trump, the French leader has called for European leaders to come together and play a more active, collective role in the continent's defense.

Macron's critique of NATO is all about the damage Trump has done to it

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