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Legal Experts: Rudy Giuliani Is 'Extorting' President Trump

<b>Legal Experts: Rudy Giuliani Is 'Extorting' President Trump </b>Appearing on Fox News Saturday morning, Rudy Giuliani made comments that several legal experts said amounted to blackmailing President Trump.
Rudy Giuliani is blackmailing Trump. He seems to suggest he has dirt that would prevent TRUMP from turning on him: "I’ve seen things written like 'he is going to throw me under the bus.' When they say that, I say 'he isn't, but I have insurance." These comments drew instant outrage from attorneys and former prosecutors on social media, who pointed out that Giuliani's threat is a massive breach of attorney ethics at best, and a federal crime at worst. Renato Mariotti, an American attorney, legal commentator, acting fill-in anchor for WGN-TV and former federal prosecutor, tweeted: "What 'insurance' does Giuliani have on Trump? It's totally unethical for a lawyer to suggest that he has negative information about a client, or threaten to release it, but Giuliani has flaunted his professional responsibility for some time." Mimi Rocah, a Pace Law's Distinguished Fellow in Criminal Justice and a Legal Analyst for MSNBC and NBC News, tweeted: "So.... @RudyGiuliani is extorting @realDonaldTrump to make sure Trump doesn't throw Rudy under the bus for shaking down Ukraine to get dirt for a political campaign. Got it" In his testimony, David Holmes, a US diplomat currently working in Ukraine, noted that it was clear for months that Trump's lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, was messing around in Ukraine as part of a scheme to cook up a conspiracy theory about the Bidens, due to Giuliani's "frequent public statements" and the placement of a story by New York Times reporter Ken Vogel that seeded this conspiracy theory. Holmes explained that he and other diplomats were well aware of Trump's irrational dislike for Ukraine and spent time trying to convince him to see the country in a better light, to no avail. In June, it became clear to Holmes that the only thing Trump cared about was "the Burisma/Biden investigations that Mr. Giuliani and his associates had been speaking about in the media since March."


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