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David Opateyibo was 17 years old when he built Nigeria's first locally-made drone in Lagos. Opateyibo led a team of Lagos State Polytechnic students to produce the country’s first prototype of a drone, which authorities in Lagos hope to deploy for security surveillance. When tested, Opateyibo’s drone could fly 15 minutes in the air with a maximum altitude of 2000 feet. Even though Opateyibo was a student, he was also one of the associate instructors chosen to participate in building the first aircraft, STOL CH750 at Zenith Aircraft Company’s facility in Missouri US and Mexico. The aircraft is the first of its kind in the country built by five students: Opateyibo, Fausat Idowu, Aliyyah Adio, Michael Fakuade and Abdul-Hafeez Onisarotu. When completed, the plane, according to Solomon Adio, will be shipped back to Nigeria and put it into use as both a training tool and a functional aeroplane. Zenith Aircraft Company is in the exclusive business of designing, developing and manufacturing kit aircraft. The company holds hands-on workshops at its factory to give potential builders the opportunity to learn all about building your own kit aircraft.

At age 17, he built Nigeria's first locally-made drone and on a mission to build an aircraft

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