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In last days, al-Baghdadi sought safety in shrinking domain

<b>In last days, al-Baghdadi sought safety in shrinking domain</b>In his last months on the run, Islamic State group leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was agitated, fearful of traitors, sometimes disguised as a shepherd, sometimes hiding underground,...
Al-Baghdadi's movements were heavily restricted, more so as greater IS-controlled territory was being lost. When his security chief, Abu Sabah, got wind of a possible raid near where they were hiding, they took down their tents and hid al-Baghdadi and al-Muhajer inside a pit covered with dirt. Al-Baghdadi moved with a circle of five to seven people, including al-Muhajer, al-Zubaie, Abu Sabah and Abu al-Hakim, the group's former governor for Iraq. Two men were captured during the raid and are in US custody.


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Cathy Vikulchik 2019-11-05 at 18:00

Image Islamic State is the world’s most terrifying group.
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