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Putin has relished US political chaos. He may now fear Trump's impeachment

<b>Putin has relished US political chaos. He may now fear Trump's impeachment</b>On Russian state television, tightly controlled by the Kremlin, support for Donald Trump in his current impeachment battle is absolute. After all it is Russia, they sometimes joke, that got the US president elected in the first place!
In Russia, they call him Donald Ivanovich. "Have you lost your minds that you want to remove OUR Donald Ivanovich," bawls Vladimir Soloviev, host of 'Evening,' a pro-Kremlin current affairs program which has been focusing on the US impeachment proceedings. "The chaos brought by Trump into the American system of government is weakening the United States," Karen Shakhnazarov, CEO of Mosfilm Studio and a regular guest on Russian state television, tells the studio audience. "America is getting weaker and now Russia is taking its place in the Middle East. Suddenly, Russia is starting to seriously penetrate Africa. So, when they say that Trump is weakening the United States -- yes he is and that's why we love him. The more problems they have, the better for us," Shakhnazarov says. This should remind Americans that this US President is seen here as being more positive for Russia than any other Western leader, even as that has been at the expense of his own country's interests.


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