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Why Joe Biden Is Winning

<b>Why Joe Biden Is Winning</b>It's a version of John McCain in 2008.
One and only one takeaway for this Super Tuesday: Democrats really want to get rid of Trump. Bernie Sanders' failure to inspire a surge of new voters has called into question his strategy for winning a general election. "It's not that Sanders is running a weak campaign. But he is, in a way, running the wrong campaign. He's the front-runner for the Democratic nomination --at least he was until tonight --but he's still running as an insurgent. He needed to pivot to a strategy that would unite the existing Democratic Party around him.", Ezra Klein wrote on Vox. Biden's strong showing is an indication of his 'electability' in a general election. Biden has been running as the 'safe' choice to take on Trump. African Americans, especially those in the South, who have the most to lose with the reelection of a bigot who courts the favor of white supremacists, seemed to agree. The race isn't over; Bernie Sanders could still win the nomination. But Biden is now the favorite. Mike Bloomberg has exited the race, while Elizabeth Warren is still pondering over an exit strategy. Biden won 10 states yesterday, including the six southern states where he was a clear favorite yesterday morning as well as Texas, Minnesota and two states in Sanders's backyard, Maine and Massachusetts. Biden demonstrated a base of support among African-American voters in the South, with wins in Alabama, Arkansas, Tennessee and Oklahoma, as well as heavily contested North Carolina. That bodes well for Biden in contests later this month in Mississippi, Georgia and Florida. It began with his overpowering win in South Carolina. Many of my fellow supporters were hopeful that he would win by double digits. No one had predicted that he would win by 28 points. The timely endorsement from James Clyburn lit a fuse for voters. Exit polls showed that nearly half were influenced by that announcement. That night, Tom Steyer withdrew from the race, setting up a rapid domino effect. The next night, Pete Buttigieg announced his withdrawal from the race. Amy Klobuchar followed the very next afternoon. Then by dusk on Monday, both Buttigieg and Klobuchar ended their campaigns and endorsed Biden in Texas. This morning, Michael Bloomberg had done the same. It had become the incredible shrinking Democratic field. In 72 hours, Biden revived his candidacy, consolidated the moderates, and lit the afterburners.


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