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Tuesday's testimony was a disaster for Trump and his Republican allies. Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney (D-N.Y.) asked Vindman if his dad, whom Vindman had addressed in earlier testimony, was worried that his son was putting himself in opposition to the U.S. president by testifying.  "He deeply worried about it because in his context, there was the ultimate risk," Vindman said of his father, who migrated to the U.S. from the Soviet Union.  When Maloney asked why Vindman felt like his dad didn't need to worry, Vindman replied "Because this is America. This is the country I've served and defended. That all my brothers have served. Here, right matters." With that, many in the House hearing room broke into applause.  Class act. Vindman is knowingly taking great risks and putting his career in jeopardy because the Constitution of the US and the truth are more important.

Applause breaks out after Vindman says he's not worried about testifying because 'this is America'

Applause broke out during Tuesday's impeachment inquiry hearing when Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman said he didn't need to worry about testifying because "this is America" and "right matters" here. 
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