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Petition calling for WHO boss Tedros to resign nears 1M signatures

<b>Petition calling for WHO boss Tedros to resign nears 1M signatures</b>Conservative Republicans are accusing the organization of covering up for China.
Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, the Ethiopian politician who has led the United Nations-backed health body as director-general since July 2017, has been under fire over his handling of the coronavirus pandemic, which has killed more than 100,000 people worldwide and sickened more than 1.7 million. Tedros has been accused of allowing China to underreport the impact of the virus in Wuhan, the city believed to have been the point of origin for the deadly outbreak. "We strongly think Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus is not fit for his role as WHO Director General," the petition with 853,000 signatures, posted on the Change.org website, states, calling for the official's immediate resignation. "We believe WHO is supposed to be politically neutral. Without any investigation, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus solely believes on [sic] the death and infected numbers that the Chinese government provided with them." U.S. lawmakers have been among Tedros' harshest critics. A group of Republicans from the House Oversight Committee wrote to Tedros, demanding that he disclose the precise nature of his relationship with Chinese officials. "Throughout the crisis, the WHO has shied away from placing any blame on the Chinese government, which is in essence the Communist Party of China," the Republicans wrote. "You, as leader of the WHO, even went so far as to praise the Chinese government's 'transparency' during the crisis, when, in fact, the regime has consistently lied to the world by underreporting their actual infection and death statistics.", they continued. Republicans have found a scapegoat. Aren't they the ones who falsely claimed on Fox News that they had discovered a quasi-miraculous treatment of COVID-19 in chloroquine, an antimalarial? Shouldn't they demand, instead, the resignation of Trump whose mishandling of the crisis has led to so many deaths, particularly within minorities? Americans are paying the price of Trump's failures. In the United States, people are dying because of the gross negligence and unprecedented incompetence of a White House occupant, who is ignorant beyond belief and corrupt beyond redemption.


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