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Navy Captain who raised coronavirus alarm on aircraft carrier relieved of command

<b>Navy Captain who raised coronavirus alarm on aircraft carrier relieved of command</b>Donald Trump's acting Navy Secretary fires Captain of USS Theodore Roosevelt, Brett Crozier, for sounding the alarm over accelerating spread of coronavirus among sailors.
Acting Secretary of the Navy Thomas Modly said he relieved Captain Brett Crozier of command of the USS Theodore Roosevelt "after losing confidence in his ability to lead under the stress" of dealing with the viral outbreak. Captain Brett Crozier sent an urgent memo to the Navy asking for help in addressing the spread of the coronavirus among his ship's crew where dozens of sailors had tested positive for the coronavirus. He wrote that the spread of the disease was accelerating rapidly. He pleaded that "decisive action is required now" to comply with Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines and "prevent tragic outcomes." He said he feared that the outcome would be comparable to the Diamond Princess cruise ship where a few initial cases contaminated other passengers on board, leading to a total of 712 individuals infected out of 3,711 passengers. 11 have died. He suggested most of the 4,000 crew members should be removed from the ship and put into 14-day individual quarantines, in keeping with the CDC's recommended guidelines for preventing infection. Ten percent would stay onboard to sanitize the carrier and run the reactor, which he called a "necessary risk." In peacetime, he argued it was the right thing to do. "We are not at war. Sailors do not need to die," he wrote. "If we do not act now, we are failing to take care of our most trusted asset -- our Sailors." In a letter addressed to the Pentagon's Inspector General, Gen. Glenn Fine, lawmakers in both houses have demanded a probe into the firing of Captain Brett Crozier. "It is essential that your office conduct a comprehensive investigation to avoid any potential conflicts of interest within the Navy chain of command, and we encourage you to evaluate all relevant matters associated with the dismissal and the outbreak on the ship," the Senators wrote in the letter.


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Cathy Vikulchik 2020-04-03 at 15:12

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Captain Brett Crozier's March 30 2020 memo to the Navy
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