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Bernie Sanders thanks 'multigenerational, multiracial coalition' as he declares 3rd primary victory

<b>Bernie Sanders thanks 'multigenerational, multiracial coalition' as he declares 3rd primary victory</b>Bernie Sanders thanks 'multigenerational, multiracial coalition' as he declares 3rd primary victory
Chris Matthews comparing Bernie Sanders' victory in Nevada to the fall of France to the Nazis in 1940 is one of the signs that showcase the fracture within the Democratic party. Comparing his own country's working class citizens to a Nazi army really tells a lot about who Chris Matthews is. The audacity to compare the political success of a Jewish socialist whose family and people of similar ideology were slaughtered by the very same monsters to whom Chris Matthews is comparing him to is absolutely disgusting and is true antisemitism. It's proof that corporate elites are terrified of a democratic nominee who puts the needs of everyday people above the grotesque profits of exploitative companies like Amazon. Are France, Italy, Germany, Sweden...socialist dictatorships? No, they are civilized , middle of the road capitalist countries with decent social safety nets. So why all the hate against Bernie? Is American exceptionalism now only about the law of the strongest , ideally with guns blazing? It's obvious that Chris Matthews' job is to influence the gullible electorate into believing whatever positions benefit the ruling class. They have put an absurd amount of effort into positive coverage of Buttigieg because he understands very well that his purpose as a candidate is to be a puppet who speaks on the behalf of the ultra-wealthy democratic elite. At this time of the Democratic primaries, Democrats should unite behind Bernie Sanders. It's pretty clear he owns the progressive lane and we need to unify soon to avoid the Buttigieg/Biden/Bloomberg onslaught. Moderate Democrats who still support Elizabeth Warren who has been dropping in the polls to date and is clearly lagging behind Sanders need to come together with Progressives, merge support and bring victory home. I hope Warren supporters are starting to see that. It would be a good strategy to have Elizabeth Warren on the ticket. Democrats would love to see how the duo unleashes its strength on corrupt plutocrats and corporations.


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