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While Russia is putting bounties on US soldiers, Trump is choosing to look the other way

<b>While Russia is putting bounties on US soldiers, Trump is choosing to look the other way</b> A report says Russia secretly offered Afghan militants bounties to kill American troops. Trump says he knows nothing about it.
The GRU, a special Russian spy unit has offered bounties to islamist militants or armed criminal gangs associated with them to kill US soldiers, according to multiple news media reports.  Early this year, members of the elite Naval Special Warfare Development Group, known as SEAL Team Six, raided a Taliban outpost and recovered roughly $500,000 in cash. US intelligence officials have conducted interrogations of captured islamist militants and concluded the bounties led to successful attacks on US forces. They have identified Afghan individuals involved in the bounties operation, including a man who's believed to have served as an intermediary for distributing some of the funds and is now thought to be in Russia. Also, US officials intercepted electronic data showing large financial transfers from a Russia's military intelligence agency's bank account to a Taliban-linked account, evidence that supported their conclusion that Russia offered bounties on the lives of American soldiers. Trump has denied that he or the vice president had been briefed on the issue of Russia teaming up with the Talibans against the western coalition in Afghanistan and dismissed the report as "fake news". However, a US intelligence official who did not want to be identified revealed that the president had been briefed. "The intelligence finding was briefed to President Trump, and the White House's National Security Council discussed the problem at an interagency meeting in late March", the official said. Under Donald Trump, the GRU and other Russian intelligence agencies have been allowed to carry out operations targeting US interests without any appropriate response from his administration, thus putting in danger the lives of American soldiers. Is this wishful blindness or deafness or the US President is under Russian blackmailing? It seems to me that Trump's one night of partying in a Moscow hotel before he was President was the most expensive for the US national security. American soldiers are paying the price with their lives. In 2019, a total of 22 US service members died in hostilities in Afghanistan, according to Wikipedia. Since the beginning of 2020, 9 service members have lost their lives on the Afghan battlefields.


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