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African economic growth - Future agenda

<b>African economic growth - Future agenda</b>The world's largest open foresight initiative
African startups are on an upward fundraising trend in 2020 and global investors are taking note. Last year the amount of venture capital channeled into African opportunities surpassed the $725.6M raised in 2018 by nearly $500M. There were over ninety African companies that raised over a million dollars each in 2019, with Nigerian companies attracting the lion's share of over $650 million. With a steadily growing population heading towards 2bn, Africa's 1.1bn workforce will be the world's largest by 2040. Africa is already as urbanized as China and has as many cities of over 1m populations as Europe. Equally, with a collective GDP of $2.6 trillion by 2020 and $1.4 trillion of consumer spending, many see the impact of around 500m new middle class consumers. Africa as a continent has, on average, grown its economy by at 5% per annum over the last decade.


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