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Black America has become the epicenter of the coronavirus' worst effects: African Americans make up to 70% of coronavirus-related deaths in the US
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Joseph Marie Ayissi Nga 2020-04-23 at 01:19

Higher rates of infection and death among minorities demonstrate the racial character of inequality in America. Today's disparities of health flow directly from yesterday's disparities of wealth and opportunity. That African Americans are overrepresented in service-sector jobs reflects a history of racially segmented labor markets that kept them at the bottom of the economic ladder; that they are less likely to own their own homes reflects a history of stark housing discrimination, government-sanctioned and government-sponsored. If black Americans are more likely to suffer the comorbidities that make coronavirus more deadly, it's because those ailments are tied to the segregation and concentrated poverty that still mark their communities.
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Joseph Marie Ayissi Nga 2020-04-23 at 01:16

A history of systemic racism and inequity in access to health care and economic opportunity has made many African-Americans far more vulnerable to the virus. Black adults suffer from higher rates of obesity, diabetes and asthma, which make them more susceptible, and also are more likely to be uninsured. They also often report that medical professionals take their ailments less seriously when they seek treatment. Of the victims whose demographic data was publicly shared by officials -- nearly 3,300 of the nation's 13,000 deaths thus far -- about 42% were Black, according to an Associated Press analysis. African-Americans account for roughly 21% of the total population in the areas covered by the analysis.

Coronavirus is killing Black Americans at a much higher rate

As the novel coronavirus tightens its grip across the US, it is cutting a particularly devastating swath through an already vulnerable population -- Black Americans.
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