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Hilton Hotel To Host Neo-Confederate Group Conference On Last Day Of Black History Month

<b>Hilton Hotel To Host Neo-Confederate Group Conference On Last Day Of Black History Month</b>A North Carolina branch of the hotel chain will host a Sons of Confederate Veterans gathering, even after a racial justice group expressed concerns.
It's time to boycott the confederate-loving international hotels chain all over the world. A North Carolina branch of Hilton Hotels will host a Sons of Confederate Veterans gathering, even after a racial justice group expressed concerns. The Embassy Suites by Hilton Raleigh-Durham Airport Brier Creek will be hosting the Sons of Confederate Veterans on February 29, 2020. Brandi Collins-Dexter, senior campaign director for the nation's largest racial justice digital organization, Color of Change, wrote a letter to the hotel asking that it "not enable hate by rejecting the Sons of Confederate Veterans' presence at your hotel." "They, much like neo-Nazis, recognize Confederate iconography as a shorthand expression of white supremacy and the deadly ways it intersects with this country’s toxic legacies of racism," Collins-Dexter wrote in the letter. By hosting this event and accepting their money, Hilton Hotels is supporting white nationalism and neo-nazis who want a new, "Master Race" type of society that enslaves and murders non whites. The hotel chain is valorizing the Confederacy -- which fought the Civil War explicitly to keep Black Americans enslaved -- on the last day of Black History Month. Why is the Hilton Hotel welcoming white supremacists? It's not the first time White supremacists held a rally at Hilton Hotels. The hotel chain would advertise them like they were a family picnic. In 2015, the organization held its national convention at the Hilton Hotels' DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Richmond-Midlothian, Virginia. In February of 2012, singer Whitney Houston was found dead in the bathtub of suite 434 of the Beverly Hilton hotel in Beverly Hills. The hotel allowed insensitive guests to party in the room "like Whitney did" and even snapped pictures of themselves lying in the bath where it happened. The SCV was founded in 1896 as an offshoot of the United Confederate Veterans, whose members had actually served in the Confederate military. The SCV's members are male descendants of Confederates. The organisation says its mission is "to protect the legacy of those who fought for the Confederacy". Sons of Confederate Veterans has faced decades of protests and opposition from civil rights groups for associating with white supremacist and neo-nazi organizations and events, including a situation in 2017 where they marched alongside the Ku Klux Klan in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.


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Cathy Vikulchik 2020-03-01 at 15:58

Hilton Hotels' leadership has been endorsing Trump's racist policies all the way. Back in February, 2017, Chris Nassetta, CEO of Hilton Hotels, endorsed Trump's Muslim ban and portrayed the Trump administration's move as something that would boost tourism revenue rather than hurting it. Nassetta's portrayal of the new presidential administration's impact on the business-travel sector contradicted that of the Global Business Travel Association which estimated that $185 million in business-travel bookings had been lost because of President Trump's attempted travel ban on citizens from seven predominantly Muslim countries. 

Hilton CEO: Trump policies more likely to help than hurt travel: Travel Weekly

"The psychology in the business community is certainly more positive than when we talked the last time" in late October, said Christopher Nassetta, who did not mention the president by name.
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