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The US lacks leadership to tackle the COVID19 pandemic.

<b>The US lacks leadership to tackle the COVID19 pandemic.</b>After six months, almost 2,000,000 cases and nearly 100,000 coronavirus-related deaths, the Trump administration, mired in chaos and confusion and distracted by his whims, is still dithering and procrastinating and toying with Americans' lives.
The Trump Administration still does not have a serious plan for increasing testing to stop the spread of the virus. Trump's national testing strategy is to deny the truth that there aren’t enough tests and supplies, reject responsibility and dump the burden onto the states. Moscow Mitch must stop obstructing the House-passed «Heroes Act», which would deliver a clear strategy and $75 billion for the testing and contact tracing necessary to stop the spread of this deadly virus. There is a leadership vacuum in the White House and the Senate for Democrats to fill in November.


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IcelandFisherman 2020-05-27 at 03:14

The fall in Trump's average approval rating comes as U.S. coronavirus deaths reach more than 98,000, accounting for more than a quarter of COVID19-related deaths worldwide.

Disapproval of Donald Trump climbs higher as coronavirus death toll nears 100,000 in U.S.

A presidential approval rating tracker put Trump's average disapproval rating at more than 53 percent on Monday.
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