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Samsung's Galaxy S20 Ultra might have more RAM than your PC

<b>Samsung's Galaxy S20 Ultra might have more RAM than your PC</b>Rumors for the Galaxy S20 have mentioned a no-holds-barred Ultra model, but just what would that entail? Quite a lot, if you believe the rumors.
The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G is going to keep the SD Card slot, have up to 512 GB and support up to 1TB. It will also be available in 128GB/256GB/512GB and have a 12GB and 16GB RAM option. Camera will have 108MP main, 48MP 10x optical, 12MP ultra wide. 5000 mAh battery with 45W option fast charge. 0 to 100% in 74 min. Some people are excited about this new gadget while others express cynicism, arguing that new phones aren't innovative anymore. Many customers think that releasing new versions is just a commercial game aimed at having them buy new phones that aren't any better than existing ones. One customer wonders why the hell do phone manufacturers not know how to count: Apple skipped iPhone 9, went straight to “X” for ten, and now Samsung is skipping all the numbers from 11-19. Because? No one knows...


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