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'Depraved': Trump Reportedly Offered German Firm 'Large Sum' for Exclusive Rights to Coronavirus Vaccine

<b>'Depraved': Trump Reportedly Offered German Firm 'Large Sum' for Exclusive Rights to Coronavirus Vaccine</b>Trump wanted not only to control any new vaccine but also to make sure that it would only be available on a for-profit basis.
Capitalism has limits. No country or person should have a monopoly on any future vaccine. Trump wants to bribe, buy, corrupt everyone for his ownn profit. The Trump administration reportedly offered large sums of money to get exclusive access to a coronavirus vaccine being developed by a German company, CureVac which is based in Tübingen but has also offices in Frankfurt and Boston. Trump wanted the company to move its research wing to the United States and develop the vaccine exclusively for the United States. There was no comment immediately available from the U.S. embassy in Berlin when contacted by Reuters on Sunday over the report, and nobody was available to comment at CureVac.  CureVac hopes to have an experimental vaccine ready early this summer to then seek the go-ahead from regulators for testing on humans. "Germany is not for sale," economy minister Peter Altmaier reacted. "International co-operation is important now, not national self-interest," said Erwin Rüddel, a conservative lawmaker on the German parliament's health committee. Meanwhile, Trump called for national day of prayer amid coronavirus pandemic instead of a national day for coronavirus testing. "Thank you Jesus for a President who is not afraid to call upon the name of the Lord in time of need.", one of his supporters replied to the president's call for prayer. This happened just a few days after Trump told a reporter asking about coronavirus, "Just stay calm, it will go away" and proposed a travel ban from some European countries --without mentioning Russia-- and a cut to a tax that is designed to fund Social Security benefits.


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