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Nigeria's Dangote, Africa's Richest Person, Became Rich at Home

<b>Nigeria's Dangote, Africa's Richest Person, Became Rich at Home</b>Outside of business and financial circles, Dangote is not well known in the United States. Perhaps that is largely because his business interests—banking, cement, sugar, salt, agriculture, and manufacturing—are centered
The promise of African economic growth has tantalized investors since the early 2000s. Ethiopia is on track to have nearly the highest GDP growth rate in the world, and a number of smaller economies like Tanzania, Kenya, Rwanda, and Ghana are growing at rates over 6 percent, a number on par or higher than China’s expected growth.


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Tim Hortons 2019-06-28 at 05:47

Could the next global superpowers be in Africa? With an economic growth sometimes higher than China's, it's happening.

The Next, Next Global Superpowers: Why Africa Is Rising

Get ready for a population and economic boom from Africa's largest countries, especially Nigeria and Egypt.
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