Why are people being suspicious of Bill Gates' use of experimental vaccines and bioengineering technologies in the third world?
By on August 04, 2019
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Why are people being suspicious of Bill Gates' use of experimental vaccines and bioengineering technologies in the third world?
Emerging diseases like Ebola, HIV/AIDS, H1N1, SARS, ZIKA etc tend to breed tall tales of sinister plots and conspiracy theories. Nonetheless, is there a flip side to Bill Gates' philanthropy?
Bill Gates' philanthropic goal is to improve global health and save lives in low-income settings. A noble cause. To achieve this goal, Bill Gates uses experimental vaccines and technologies from giant western pharmaceutical and bio-engineering companies to help fight disease in the third world. His foundation spends around three billion dollars annually in this endeavor. Using untested medicines and technologies on humans in medical observation studies raises fundamental ethical questions, because of possible devastating effects that may result from these experimental drugs and techniques. Why doesn't Bill Gates use his enormous resources to help with proven products that have been approved by the WHO or the FDA? While the WHO reaffirmed its commitment to the Democratic Republic of Congo as the Ebola outbreak neared 1000 cases amid increased violence, Putin reportedly accused Bill Gates of propagating the virus by experimenting on poor African villagers. On Ebola, in an exclusive interview with Ezra Klein of VOX Media, Bill Gates is reported to have said "We've created, in terms of spread, the most dangerous environment that we've ever had in the history of mankind". In 2017, Putin reportedly warned that Bill Gates was "experimenting" on poor Congolese villagers, infecting them with a rare strain of the Ebola virus, as a research and development project of Ebola as a "bioweapon". The article was posted on Facebook on May 13, 2017 by the group 'The People's Voice' and was shared 1054 times. In an article published by the British newspaper 'The Independent' on its website on Tuesday 2 December 2014, North Korea accused the US of spreading the Ebola virus, claiming it has been "bent on the development of bio-weapons" in order to achieve world supremacy. In 2015, Bill Gates teamed up with Hollywood star Ben Affleck to request more money and freedom for the Gates Foundation to perform experiments in the Congo and other developing nations. Since then, Gates has continued rolling out his biological and vaccination experiments around the developing world. The Bill Gates Foundation conducted vaccine campaigns on tens of thousands of young girls throughout India back in 2009-2010 in order to help protect them from cervical cancer. It was revealed that the vaccines were allegedly cloaked vaccine trials involving two highly controversial vaccines with devastating health effects affecting nearly 30,000 village girls. The vaccines in question are Cervarix by GlaxoSmithKline and Gardasil by Merck & Co., both of which are marketed as protection against the human papillomavirus which is claimed by scientists to have a link to cervical cancer. Both vaccines come with extreme side effects, and evidence suggests that GSK and Merck essentially teamed up with the Gates Foundation to --- according to allegations --- take advantage of young Indian girls and use them as human guinea pigs in the trials of the two vaccines. On February 9 2017, conspiracy theories filled the Internet when a report emerged: 'Centre shuts health mission gate on Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation'. At the heart of it was a Big Money, Big Pharma, Big Corruption plot: how the biggest philanthropic organisation in the world was influencing India's vaccination strategy, to the advantage of global pharma giants. The Indian government's decision to snap ties with BMGF was, apparently, informed by arguments from senior medical professionals and outfits like the Swadeshi Jagran Manch, a Hindu political and cultural organisation that deals with economic issues. Possible conflict of interest issues arising from the foundation's alleged ties with pharmaceutical companies was the main reason why the Indian National Technical Advisory Group on Immunization cut off its financial relations with the Gates Foundation. In 2010, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation funded scientists to release genetically modified mosquitoes infected with a bacterium, the wolbachia, into the wild to fight the spread of the Zika virus in Colombia and Brazil. The previous year, he had funded British company Oxitec to release GM mosquitoes in the Caribbean island of Grand Cayman. The trials were designed to test whether these designer mosquitoes could be successfully used to fight wild mosquitoes that transmit diseases like the dengue fever, yellow fever, malaria, zika and chikungunya. "This is an experimental technology which could have devastating impacts," said Dana Perls of Friends of the Earth, an environmental group that's part of an international coalition fighting this new generation of modified organisms. That same year, Bill Gates allegedly confessed he wanted to depopulate the world. "The world today has 6.8 billion people; that's headed up to about 9 billion," he said during the 2010 TED Conference. "Now if we do a really great job on new vaccines, healthcare, reproductive health services, we lower that by perhaps 10 or 15 percent", he added. The speech is on YouTube. Africa being the only world region projected to have strong population growth for the rest of this century, it has allegedly been a target of the so-called "global eugenics plan". According to the Pew Research Center, between 2020 and 2100, Africa's population is expected to increase from 1.3 billion to 4.3 billion. The IT businessman turned philanthropist is championing the cause of vaccines while he's the same one who is also investing in vaccine development. His main partner, GAVI (Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunizations), has representatives from pharmaceutical companies on its board and takes grants from Big Pharma. Bill Gates' dominant position in global health policy networks has been disrupting the policy and planning processes of recipient countries, for instance, by distracting third world governments from coordinated efforts to strengthen their own health systems in order to achieve self-reliance in the long-term. His mission to protect poorer populations from disease through mass vaccination, his sense of urgency that the global population is too large and needs to be reduced, and his deep financial and collaborative enterprises with the oligarchic elite, health agencies and multilateral organizations with a past history of eugenic intentions and experimentation, make for a bizarre mix that raises serious questions about the truth behind his Foundation's motives. America has a long history of eugenic science through the first half of the twentieth century -- John D. Rockefeller, Margaret Sanger, Paul Popenoe, Madison Grant, Andrew Carnegie and others. The names of the organizations and facilities they founded or supported tell the story. Andrew Carnegie's Institute was the primary funder of the Eugenics Record Office that operated from the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratories in New York. References: 1. economictimes.com/news/politics- and-nation/centre-shuts-gate-on- bill-melinda-gates-foundation/ articleshow/57028697.cms 2. youtu.be/JaF-fq2Zn7I 3. independent.co.uk/news/world /asia/north-korea-accuses-us-of- spreading-ebola-and-choosing -africa-as-a-bio-weapon-testing -ground-9897529.html 4. facebook.com/story.php?story_ fbid=889310727883036 &id=219195584894557 5. newint.org/features/2012/ 04/01/bill-gates-charitable- giving-ethics 6. dw.com/en/researchers -release-bacteria-infected- mosquitoes-to-combat-zika /a-36166191


The African diaspora stands against clinical trials of COVID-19 vaccines in the Democratic Republic of Congo DRC: "Africa is not a laboratory and Africans are not lab rats".
By on May 01, 2020
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Depopulation agenda is real
By on April 27, 2020
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Depopulation agenda is real
"They" think that you're so medicated, flouridated and distracted with meaningless entertainment that you can't connect the dots
A former high ranking officer in the Russian military army intelligence service states that the coronavirus pandemic is serving 4 main goals: 1. Depopulation of the planet 2. Political control of the remaining population 3. Deflation of the current financial bubble 4. Liquidation of geo-economic competitors


To get to near ZERO CO2 emissions, Bill Gates formula is: decrease the Population, reduce the Services we consume, increase energy Efficiency and decrease the amount of CO2 put out for each unit of energy we use.
By on March 22, 2020
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To get to near ZERO CO2 emissions, Bill Gates formula is: decrease the Population, reduce the Services we consume, increase energy Efficiency and decrease the amount of CO2 put out for each unit of energy we use.


Meet the virus hunters
By on February 04, 2020
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Meet the virus hunters
It's hard for me to overstate how brave people who willingly put themselves on the frontlines of outbreaks are—especially when you’re up against an enemy we haven’t seen before. Without any information about how a disease jumps from person to person, it’s difficult to protect yourself. Your only option is to put on a biohazard suit and trust that it will keep you safe.
Meet Bill Gates and his team of virus hunters Bill Gates is a technologist, business leader, and philanthropist. He grew up in Seattle, Washington, with an amazing and supportive family who encouraged his interest in computers at an early age. He dropped out of college to start Microsoft with his childhood friend Paul Allen. He married Melinda French in 1994 and they have three children. Today, Bill and Melinda Gates co-chair the charitable foundation bearing their names and are working together to give their wealth back to society. Peter Piot is a Belgian microbiologist known for his research into Ebola and AIDS. After helping discover the Ebola virus in 1976 and leading efforts to contain the first-ever recorded Ebola epidemic that same year, Piot became a pioneering researcher into AIDS. Peter was just 27 years old when the Belgian lab where he was working received a blood sample infected with a then-unknown disease. In 1976, most people thought infectious diseases were a thing of the past ---but health officials were starting to worry about a new sickness in the Democratic Republic of Congo that caused people to bleed until they died. Peter and a team of researchers around the world worked together to identify the mystery virus, which we now know as Ebola. From 1991 to 1994, Piot was president of the International AIDS Society. In 1992, he became Assistant Director of the World Health Organization's Global Programme on HIV/AIDS. On 12 December 1994, he was appointed Executive Director of the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS) and Assistant-Secretary-General of the United Nations. In 2014, Ada Okoli, a Nigerian doctor, made international headlines when she became infected with Ebola while caring for her patients in a Lagos hospital. She has now dedicated her medical career to the research, treatment, and prevention of future epidemics. Her courage and her optimism are inspiring.


WHO reaffirms commitment to Democratic Republic of the Congo as Ebola outbreak nears 1000 cases amid increased violence
By on August 04, 2019
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WHO reaffirms commitment to Democratic Republic of the Congo as Ebola outbreak nears 1000 cases amid increased violence
As the Ebola outbreak in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) approaches 1000 cases amid increased violence, WHO reaffirmed its commitment both to ending the outbreak and working with the government and communities to build resilient health systems.
WHO calls on international community to join urgent push to end Ebola outbreak in Congo


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Why are people being suspicious of Bill Gates' use of experimental vaccines and bioengineering technologies in the third world?

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