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How it works
Take advantage of GlobalTradeXchange.com's FREE Online Advertising Platform and other FREE Online Marketing Tools today:
  • Generate unlimited free sales leads
  • Drive your brand awareness

It's quick, free and really simple to post your business listing, upload your products' images or advertising banners and manage your account.

GlobalTradeXchange.com's exclusive FREE benefits and advantages are:

1. Free home page advertising

  • Upon submission, your listing appears instantly on our home page and on top of our search results in your postal code, city, state, region or province, country, continent and worldwide results.
  • When your business receives a 5 star review from our registred users, that review is featured on our home page.
  • Your listing has a direct link to your website.

2. Reviews & likes

  • Your listing has your existing reviews, if available, from Google.
  • Our visitors can like your business to express their satisfaction with regard to your products or customer service.
  • Our registred users can write reviews about your business, which ultimately increase sales by giving visitors the information they need to make the decision to purchase your products or services. Because reviews are so important, GlobalTradeXchange.com authenticates them by showing the picture and name of the authors, hence having the authors bear the ethical responsibility of the reviews they write.
  • These reviews are also validated or corroborated by polls asking our visitors if the reviews were helpful or not.

3. Free video marketing

  • Broadcast your business.
  • Give your brand a lift, generate more leads, increase sales
  • Let people share their opinion about your business in comments on your video

4. Sharing on social networks, Email, RSS feeds and Blog

  • Given the fact that social media is probably the greatest place for marketing, we give your business profile the opportunity to be shared by our visitors on
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • WhatsApp
    • Pinterest
    • Reddit
    • Email
  • RSS feeds & Blog
    • Our RSS feeds allow GlobalTradeXchange.com's business listings and products to be distributed worldwide on content websites, social media and blogs, thus increasing more traffic to your website and sales.
    • Our blog is a platform for you to promote your business and products by participating in our conversational marketing or viral marketing by posting articles and topics related to your business and creating an online reputation that ultimately results in increased sales.

5. Instant messaging

  • You can reach worldwide buyers and partners with our integrated instant messaging and file sharing app.
  • This means for you is fewer meetings, less internal email, costly phone calls, etc.