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Hotel Cap Kivu

   5 Reviews 
Northern Kivu
Democratic Republic of Congo   Map
 +243 999 913 400

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 Hours of operation:

Monday: 24 Hrs
Tuesday: 24 Hrs
Wednesday: 24 Hrs
Thursday: 24 Hrs
Friday: 24 Hrs
Saturday: 24 Hrs
Sunday: 24 Hrs

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Hotel Cap Kivu est un petit paradis au bord du lac Kivu.
Elma Wambui Review by Elma Wambui

Great place with greatviews of the lake. The lake breezes sweeps your night away. A gazebo overlooking the lake it quite a spectacle to just sit and watch the activities around Lake kivu
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Douglas Mutay Review by Douglas Mutay

Nice people in a beautiful hotel with a breathtaking view of the Kivu river. A place to stay if you're visiting Goma.
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Prabu Deepan Review by Prabu Deepan

Comfortable, affordable and limited variety of food. The view of Lake Kivu is always just breathtaking
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Ali Vazir Review by Ali Vazir

Probably the best hotel of Goma. Beautiful lake view restaurant and pool. Biggest conference hall. Service pretty good.
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Nick Hobgood Review by Nick Hobgood

Nice hotel with great views of Lake Kivu. The breakfast buffet is not bad.
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