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GoDaddy.com, LLC

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14455 N. Hayden Rd., Ste. 226
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Squirrel Guard Review by Squirrel Guard

Hey GoDaddy. putting the transfer authorization codes from your emails into HTML links so that users cant copy and paste the codes on mobile devices is the pettiest and most juvenile thing Ive seen you do so far.Im already leaving GoDaddy and taking a large corporate account with me because you screwed over my wife and refused to help fix it.This just seals the deal, and earns you as much negative recommendation as i can offer anyone who will listen.
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Vicky Howe Review by Vicky Howe

After a couple of decades of loyalty to GoDaddy and recommending them to our clients, they have gone from being an A+ in customer service to a D. If that wasn’t enough, their prices have increased to almost the point of price gouging and the automatic renewal policy is deplorable. Fifteen years ago, when I made a mistake and noticed it a couple of months later, they refunded my purchase with no hassle. They didn’t have to do that but it was consistent with their customer service. Today they auto-renewed my domains for five years when I’ve only renewed then for one year in the past. I spoke with Daniel, the customer service manager, and was informed that there was nothing that could be done as it was their policy to auto-renew them for that term which unfortunately is consistent with their lack of customer service. I don’t see how they keep their customers as Google Domains include privacy and are less than half the cost at $12 a year and Amazon is less than $9 a year. I will be moving my products to other venders and suggest that others do the same unless you like paying more and receiving less.
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John Littlefield Review by John Littlefield

I used GoDaddy for 10+ years. I would not recommend GoDaddy to anyone. I had performance issues, the tools are inadequate, troubleshooting is very difficult and clunky. Their email is awful. Ive switched to a major cloud hosting company which costs less than GoDaddy. Im so relieved to be off GoDaddy. The support people are very pleasant which is why I added a star to what would normally be a one star review.
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Allison Dugas Review by Allison Dugas

Asked for domain 1 to be merged with domain 2, so domain 1 became the hyperlink for the homepage for domain 2, keeping both pages intact but eliminating the need for an extra domain.They deleted all content from domain 1 and forced the link to redirect to domain 2. I lost everything and now have to rebuild the site from scratch.Changed away from GoDaddy within an hour WHILE TALKING WITH CUSTOMER SERVICE. I told them that with every mistake they made, I would take the next step in a domain transfer. They didnt really seem interested.Never again.
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